Building Yawn

Yawn is now fully mavenized, so building it from source is a piece por cake. This also means that you need to download and install Maven if you want to build Yawn.

Maven downloads all neccessary dependencies for you - so you don't need to worry about that any more!

Maven uses a set of standard build commands. For example, if you run maven at the base dir of Yawn:

$ maven
this executes 'java:jar' which compiles the source, runs the unit tests and creates a jar.

Maven reads four files for building a project:

  • the project.xml file, that stores the project description, dependencies, etc.;
  • the maven.xml file, that customizes the maven goals to meet the project's requierements;
  • the file, that defines project wide properties, and;
  • the file that contain local (per user) project properties (e.g. proxy configuration, repository passwords, etc.).
Be aware that you might need to edit your file in order to build Yawn. In particular, if you are in the Universidad de La Habana campus you need to set your http proxy settings.

See the maven documentation for more details and information about the other standard build commands.

We have succesfully used the Meivenide plug-in for Eclipse to manage all Maven related stuff.