Welcome to Yawn

Yawn (Yet Another {Weird | Wacky | Witty | Wonderful | W*} Network) is a Java™ framework for training and testing neural networks independently from the neural model and the test environment being used.

The models implemented so far are AppART , GasART , fuzzy ARTMAP and Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP). Note that the MLP implementation, although fully workable, is a reference implementation meant for educational use and might yield less-than-optimal results.

Yawn does not perform any kind of statistical pre- or post-processing neither any results analysis. These tasks are left over to the chosen test environment. Currently, Yawn is capable of interacting with the DELVE test environment and with plain text files. A Matlab™ and a xml-file test environment are currently under development.

Yawn is an open source software distributed under the GNU license . Yawn home on the web is yawn2.sourceforge.net (*). It is under constant development, therefore, if you are seeing an offline version of this document we recommend that you visit the site. The SourceForge project portal provides access to general project info, mailing lists, forums, bug submissions, feature requests, and a big etc..

If you use Yawn, please, let us know,


The Yawn Team

* Why yawn2? Because yawn.sf.net was already taken :).