How to obtain Yawn

There are three distributions of Yawn:

  • the binary distribution;
  • the binary distribution with library dependencies, and;
  • the source distribution.

Binary Distribution

The binary distribution consists of:

  • <yawn-dir>/yawn-<version>.jar file;
  • the maven generated documentation in <yawn-dir>/docs, and;
  • a samples directory (<yawn-dir>/samples) with two problems:
    • A problem generated from DELVE's Demo data set (in <yawn-dir>/samples/delve-demo-task), and;
    • the circle-in-the-square problem in DELVE file format (in <yawn-dir>/samples/circle-in-square).

For each problem different sample experiment configs are provided. Note that this configurations are provided illustrative purposes and may not be optimal for the problem you are solving. Some elements of the configuration may be platform dependant (i.e. file system paths).

In order to make Yawn work you must also download and add to your CLASSPATH the project dependencies. See the dependencies page for information.

See the downloads page to obtain this distribution.

Binary plus dependencies

To make life easier for everyone we have released a binary distribution that contains all the project dependencies as .jar files in the <yawn-dir>/lib directory.

Go to the downloads page to obtain this distribution.

Source Distribution

The source distribution can be obtained either from the release site or directly from the cvs repository.

For details of about the source distribution, how to use it and build it see the developers guide.