Current work

These are the main lines of development of Yawn.

  • neural network serialization in xml; (done)
  • configuration migration from Digester to Castor; (done)
  • migration from ant to maven; (done)
  • more JUnit test cases;
  • completion of javadoc comments;
  • improve error and exception management, and;
  • general refactoring.

Long-term features

  • complete documentation;
  • lightweight networks suitable to be used on Lego Mindstorms(*) robots with the LeJOS virtual machine;
  • implementation of PROBART, ellipsoid ARTMAP, etc. (tell us!), and;
  • a graphical user interface (we are procrastinating about a posible integration with joone).

You can help us making a better Yawn. You can either checkout the current Yawn from the CVS and work on it, fill out our feature request form, or volunteer to work with us.

* Note: Yawn is not authorized, sponsored, or legally associated with the Lego Corporation in any way.