A Test Case: The Circle in the Square

In the circle in the square problem the network must learn to classify points that are inside a circle and those that are not. In the sample files included with yawn the network must predict a "1" if the point is inside de circle and a "0" if not.

The figures bellow show the original test set and the predictions made by fuzzy ARTMAP and AppART. These figures were created with plot_cs.m, a matlab .m file included in the <yawn-dir>/data/circle-in-square directory. These results, in particular those of AppART are not optimal. For example, by increasing the <trainMatchVigilance> parameter a more precise but less generalizing approximation is obtained.

3-d c-in-s test set graph
c-in-s contour
C-in-S test set
C-in-S test set contour
fuzzy artmap
fuzzy artmap prediction contour
Fuzzy ARTMAP prediction of the test set
Contour of the fuzzy ARTMAP prediction of the test set
fuzzy artmapfuzzy artmap
AppART prediction of the test setContour of the AppART prediction of the test set