Old Yawn distribution (0.1)

Yawn v0.1 is now *depricated*.

System Requirements

The apache ant build tool is the preferred tool for compilation. The build script provided allows the compilation of the package, the generation of a distributable jar-file and the generation of the package's api documentation (javadoc). You can also do it by hand or with the IDE of your preference.

You also need the following libraries in your classpath (in the <yawn-dir>/lib directory, if you are using the ant build script as-is):

If you are in the Univ. de La Habana campus you can find out all these libs in the Java software repository

Using Yawn

A helper application is provided to allow the use of the yawn library of classes. This application is invoked from the command line as:

java yawn.core.Main <your-config-file.xml>

having yawn (the compiled .class files or the .jar file) in your classpath.

There is a build target called 'run' in the ant build script provided that does the above described task.

The configuration file for yawn.core.Main contains the description of the parameters for each network and test environments. As mentioned earlier, a more or less self explanatory configuration file for the circle-in-the-square problem could be found in <yawn-dir>config/config.xml.